Voyage to the Island

Arrival on the Island

As our intrepid adventurers continued on their way they came to a fog enshrouded doldrums that refused to yield even to their most puscent magics. Despite their best efforts they were unable to hasten their ship’s voyage. As they mysteriously passed through a veil of nearly imperceptible energy they were attacked by a tentacular sea beast.

In the ensuing battle the ship was destroyed, and much of the crew, including Monty, was lost. Whether dead, or merely separated remains to be seen. As the ship broke apart our heroes managed to make their way to the picturesque beaches of a tropical island, as did the ancient journal that had guided Monty here. Unfortunately, much of the journal had been damaged leaving only cryptic references to an ancient artifact of unknown power, and friendly natives.

Finding their way to a local village the adventurers made acquaintances with the locals, who are unfamiliar with any lands beyond their own, and haven’t seen strangers for generations.The adventurers learned of an encampment of raiders on a small island to the west, and a large poulation of monsters on the island. They also acquired a “guide” to lead them towards the mountain in the center of the isle where legend tells of ancient power, and evil.

After rooting out a nest of man-eating apes, our heroes continued on their journey. What does next week hold for our adventurers as they head to the heart of The Isle of Dread? Will they triumph once again, or are they setting a course for certain doom?

The Voyage Continues

The party was attacked by sea monsters which they fended off handily. They needed to stop for repairs to the ship, and pulled in to the port of Demos. There they were invited for a feast, which turned out to be drugged. When the party failed to succumb to his deceptive fare he ordered his guards to attack them. The party then fled the island, resuming their journey to the mysterious island.


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